Special Event Announcement  
  Quarterly CAMPOUT with the Sheepdogs!!

The People's Rights Organization is inviting everyone to a campout near Eager/Springerville!

The campout will be June 26th through July 5th. We will be attending the Eager/Springerville 4th of July parade being held on the 3rd of July since the 4th falls on a Sunday.

At the camp we hold classes on current events, stories, prep skills, and to talk about whatever you have to share.
Last year's camp was very enjoyable with many classes and many children were also present who had absolutely a good time. They also learned a lot.
We welcome all to come and teach a class including the youth. They love teaching also.

There are no bathrooms or water at this site so you will need to bring in water and a potty and potty tent.
We welcome tents, RV’s, trailers or whatever you have to use as your home for that time.
We are just 20 mins outside of Eager so if you need to run in town for ice or water it is close.
There has been a spring 10 mins out to refill your jugs. I am not sure if it is still running.
We have a wiki site that you can go on to sign up to come or to teach a class.
Use "sheepdog" for login and "sheepdog" for password.
Please don’t leave it open when not using so anyone else trying to sign in are able to.

For questions call Roxie 602-689-1353

Breakfast and lunch you are on your own and dinner we do potluck and eat in the big kitchen tent with each other.
We really hope you can come for the entire time or for the day. Some stay in motels and hang out all day.
We have a night of talents or skits and many nights by the fire or playing games.

On the same note we are going to not watch the parade this time but march in it as sheepdogs, freedom lovers, media, We the people, Az stands united, gun groups etc.
We will be led by horseback riders and then all of us with our signs and water balloons to toss at those tossing them at us.

We hope that you will tell all your freedom loving friends to join us. We will be making signs to carry the day before in camp.
Lets make this a big parade that will touch those watching.

From the valley. Go to Payson and turn right on the 260 toward Show Low.
Stay on the 260 thru Pinetop and all the way till you turn off to the road we will be camping on which is just 1 half a mile past the Sunrise turnoff on the left side.
When you see a turn off road on the left, I believe it is the first place to turn left , turn left there.
You will know you are on the right road because you will see a big green maintenance building on the right.
Make a slight left and follow that road down about 2 miles and you will see us all on the left side of the road.
Total time from Pinetop is about 45 mins. Again feel free to call me. We will have signs for the sheepdog camp out.
  Special Event Announcement